Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Photos From Today's White Supremacist Rally And March In San Diego

Yesterday, Senator Corey Booker went off on some chick whose name I don't know and am too lazy to find. The topic was something about a place where they literally eat dirt, but Corey went right to the heart of the matter: white supremacists.

Here, Corey shows us all how enraged he was at white supremacists who use mild swear words.
I thought the whole thing was surreal. Even as his face began to contort in rage, I could see where his screaming was going to go even though the topic of eating dirt was seemingly disconnected from white supremacists. Further, as he yelled about crying over the s-word (or something like that), I wondered if I had heard it out of context. I couldn't recall a single white supremacist gathering of even a dozen of the creatures ever happening within 100 miles of me.

How wrong I was.

Things got real today in San Diego. Waving swastika flags where the swastikas were made up of tiny Confederate flags whose stars were even tinier swastikas, white supremacists gathered, marched, chanted slogans and terrorized the city. It was horrible. No wonder colorful people of color in colorful communities of color are living in fear. Below are the photos I was able to take as I made my way through the enraged mobs of Nazi racists.

I'll never see my home town the same way again.

The supremacists started their march here. You can't quite see how big the crowd was from this shot. It was probably a good 50% larger than it looks. I barely had time to use my coupons at Vons as I bought a week's worth of groceries, returned some shellfish that weren't fresh when I bought them the day before, rented a Rug Doctor and got a propane tank filled before I fled in terror.

Here, you can see them marching under their banners of hate. This is a lot more hate than I'm used to seeing in San Diego. It shocked me.

Even quiet neighborhoods were not spared.

More shots from the march. I tried to interview one of them, but he just snarled at me and walked on.

Peaceful, tree-lined streets in America's Finest City were turned into hellish scenes of hate-filled hate. It's hard to describe just how afraid I was at seeing them rallying here on this street. Tonight, I'm going to talk to my wife about moving to somewhere more tolerant and loving. Like Iran.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

I Love San Francisco

Actually, I love this video from J P. I had other things to blog this morning, but this is worth a share. I'll catch you tomorrow with something original, I (almost) promise. Enjoy!

Monday, January 15, 2018

Exxon Should Sue New York City

... because it would make a lot more sense than this.
The New York City government is suing the world’s five largest publicly traded oil companies, seeking to hold them responsible for present and future damage to the city from climate change.

The suit, filed Tuesday against BP, Chevron, Conoco-Phillips, ExxonMobil and Royal Dutch Shell, claims the companies together produced 11 percent of all of global-warming gases through the oil and gas products they have sold over the years. It also charges that the companies and the industry they are part of have known for some time about the consequences but sought to obscure them.
This has all kinds of problems. It would make a lot more sense for Exxon to sue them.

For one thing, Exxon just delivers the raw materials. As such, they contribute hardly anything to Global Warming Climate Change. If New Yorkers just left them in the gas station holding tanks, everything would be fine, but no, they have to deliberately pump them into their cars and then they drive around, on purpose, converting perfectly innocent hydrocarbons into CO2.

If I'm attacked by a knife-wielding maniac, can I sue Cutco for making the knife? I don't think so. It is the act which is criminal, not the weapon.

Second, who has more ability to influence the population? Is it Exxon with it's anodyne commercials during sporting events which, if they mention Global Warming Climate Change at all, make an effort to talk about how they are fighting it? Or is it the City of New York which runs public education and fills students' heads with whatever mush the prog activists are ranting about today? I'm going with the City of New York.

According to the National Council for Education Statistics, the average school day is 6.64 hours long and the average school year is 180 days. From Kindergarten to High School graduation is 13 years. That works out to 15,537.6 hours spend listening to propaganda from the City of New York or, more relevantly, 932,256 minutes.

Imagine the cost of buying that much air time to compete with the city's indoctrination campaigns. Preposterous.

I'm not even going to bother with the low-hanging fruit of the city's use of petroleum products in their various vehicle fleets. That's so obvious that it's not worthwhile.

There ought to be a countersuit in here somewhere, if for nothing else than for bringing a nuisance lawsuit against the oil companies.

After Exxon sued New York City into bankruptcy, many union members found themselves without jobs, pensions and opportunities for graft. That development was met with vigorous disapproval.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Coyote Gentrification

Out at my folks' house in North County San Diego, there's a pair of coyotes that have gone from scruffy, nocturnal beasts to sleek, daytime wanderers. They look more like normal dogs than any coyotes I've ever seen. They don't seem to be spooked by people or cars, either. Here's one of them as he or she posed for a photo. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Oprah Winfrey And Farm Animals

At the Golden Globes, which I missed due to a previous engagement with drying paint or grass growing, I can't recall which, actress after actress arose to speak furiously against powerful men in bathrobes waving their organs about in front of young, vulnerable women. It was capped off by a stirring speech by Oprah Winfrey who thundered, "LIKE THE REST OF YOU, I WAS A PUSILLANIMOUS HYPOCRITE WHO, IF I HAD A SHRED OF SELF-RESPECT, WOULD CRAWL UNDER A ROCK AND DECAY RATHER THAN STAND UP HERE AND GIVE LECTURES ON SEXUAL MORALITY!"

Or something like that. Maybe that's what she should have said instead of yelling at the cameras, admonishing all of us to stop assaulting women in our offices.

When I heard a clip of her yelling at me, I instantly wondered who she thought she was addressing. None of my friends do this, none of my coworkers do it and none of my family do it. In short, I have no idea what she's talking about. If it hadn't been for the bejewelled farm animals slorping at the troughs in the banquet hall with her, I'd have never considered the possibility that anyone would do it. When they all rose to their hooves and cheered her, the effect was even more surreal, if that was even possible.

Then came the plaudits from the media, in whose offices buttons are installed under the desks of powerful men to allow them to lock young women in the room and assault them. You know, those buttons that have a paperwork trail and list of enablers who approved, requisitioned, installed and inspected said buttons and mechanisms.

To be honest, I'm more interested in the actual mechanics of the thing. Was it electric or mechanical? A bluetooth remote control solenoid, perhaps? Hmm. In any case, I don't think I've ever met anyone who has ever even contemplated having such a thing.

Then again, my male friends can find dates on their own and aren't scrofulous subhumans who attack women like trap-door spiders going after their prey.

In any case, I felt completely at sea when I heard what happened at the Golden Globes and saw the slobbering press reactions afterwards.

Then came the Haiti comment from President Trump. I guess he said it was a lousy place, in his typical, New York cabby way. The reaction was similarly weird. Everyone is having spaz attacks over it. Why? Haiti is a lousy place. The hysterical teenage girls in the news media clutching their faux pearls and fainting are the same ones who have done regular, somber reports from Haiti about what a lousy place it is.

What on Earth is going on here? For some reason, the Hollywood stars and news media think we're idiots and perverts just like they are. Unreal.

The most powerful and connected woman in show business had no idea at all what was happening. Right.

Friday, January 12, 2018

Pheromone Traps In Japan

Whenever I see the stats about Japan's population decline, there are usually economic excuses that go with them.
The Japan Family Planning Association interviewed 3,000 subjects about their sex lives (both men and women). The study revealed that nearly 50 per cent of those quizzed didn’t have sex in the month previous to the interview. 48.3 per cent of men had not had sex for a month (an increase in 5 per cent from 2012).

Most startling of all, however, was that 20 per cent of men aged between 25 and 29 – the period of a man’s life usually dedicated to the spreading of wild oats – expressed little interest in sex at all...

According to Angelika Koch, Researcher in Japanese Studies at Cambridge University and author of Manga Girl Seeks Herbivore Boy, the number of these carnivorous (sexually active) men has decreased since the economic downturn that hit Japan in the early 1990s.
Oh, please. Men who don't want sex of any kind simply don't exist, not in any real numbers. Males have been refined over millions of years to desperately want to mate. It's a science. It's called evolutionary biology. Your little economic downturn isn't going to overcome biochemistry.

Following up on yesterday's post giving links to various sex-related stories and stats, heavy on the growing weirdness in the West, I offer this.

How Mating Disruption Works (against insects or Japanese and Western men)

There are several ways mating disruption may work. Dispensers in the orchard might mimic a calling female, attracting the male to many false sources, or dispensers might release so much pheromone that the background concentration masks normal communication...

Habituation occurs when high concentrations of a pheromone inhibit the insect's ability to respond for several minutes or even a few hours. The effect is apparently on the nerve that fires in response to high concentrations but does not recover normally. Then, when exposed to a normal amount of pheromone, the nerve does not send the proper signal. Habituation could play an important role in mating disruption by making males less responsive for long periods after exposure to high concentrations of pheromone.

False trails: Unlike habituation or adaptation, this mechanism assumes the male moth can still sense and respond to the pheromone. If numerous sources of pheromone are placed in the orchard, male moths would spend time and energy following pheromone trails to false sources. If there were enough false sources, the chances of a male finding a calling female would be very low. Ideally, the false pheromone sources would be distributed evenly and would all emit about the same amount of pheromone as a calling female.
Hmm. Does that sound familiar? Try this.
What happens when all you want is some connection but can’t find it in society? Japan's unmarried population is at a record high. While the culture of staying single persists, some Japanese men are finding love in alternative ways: like dating fake love dolls.
You can't find connection with real women? Ha! Try "you want to get off, but don't want to make any effort." Or, better yet, our sex industry has outstripped (haha) the human male's ability to cope. Porn and sex dolls are the pheromone sources, emitting at volumes much higher than a normal woman.

In essence, we're exterminating ourselves. There's good news, however. Unlike gas chambers, since no poisons are being used, our new methods don't increase pollution.
The California Department of Pesticide Regulation, the California Department of Food and Agriculture, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency consider mating disruption to be among the most environmentally friendly treatments used to eradicate pest infestations.
Mein F├╝hrer, I have a new idea. If we just give the Jews sex dolls and lots of porn, we will be rid of them in a few generations and the world will see us as progressive and open-minded instead of the ultimate villains!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

The West Will End Not With A Bang, But A Simulated Whimper

A set of data points submitted in no particular order and without comment. See if you can spot a theme.


The survey was carried out by public broadcasters among all adults in Germany, but figures separating women's and men's answers were not released.

According to a survey, now more than half of the German population would not mind if their partner had sex with a sex doll or robot and twenty per cent are considering buying one.


Fertility rates. 2.05 or so is the population replacement rate.


In a section claiming Google tries to “stifle” conservative parenting styles, the suit reads: “Google furnishes a large number of internal mailing lists catering to employees with alternative lifestyles, including furries, polygamy, transgenderism, and plurality, for the purpose of discussing sexual topics. The only lifestyle that seems to not be openly discussed on Google’s internal forums is traditional heterosexual monogamy.”

A footnote next to the word “plurality” adds: “For instance, an employee who sexually identifies as ‘a yellow-scaled wingless dragonkin’ and ‘an expansive ornate building’ presented a talk entitled ‘Living as a Plural Being’ at an internal company event.”


Marriage rates in the US.


In fact, in important ways the social justice approach — which emphasizes the dynamics of power and oppression — that many fear has taken over the humanities and social sciences at its best is actually an improvement over the “disinterested pursuit of truth” and more in line with the Socratic method. In fact, rather than constituting an attack on knowledge, the social justice lens reflects new ideas generated by academic disciplines and experts within them, and generally encourages expanding our knowledge and opening up subjects to new perspectives, much like Socrates advocated.
H/T: Ilion.